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Massachusetts has authorized the continuation of adult recreational hockey. We are working diligently to comply with the new requirements and to create registrations for the Fall season. We expect to start all our seasons mid September  (@Sept 13). We will post a registration portal in the upcoming  weeks. More to follow soon...

Hockey New England - More than a hockey league!

Hockey New England (HNE) was founded to provide fun, competitive, and affordable recreational hockey league for novice to proficient adult hockey players.  LOOK BELOW to find out why HNE is RIGHT FOR YOU!!
Are you considering playing hockey? Has it been 2 weeks or 25 years since you last laced 'em up? Here's why Hockey New England is for you!
Hockey New England (HNE) was founded to provide fun, competitive, and affordable men's league hockey for novice to proficient adult hockey players.  HNE offers three levels of play to accommodate ice hockey players of all skill levels.  We also strive to help you become better players by offering skills and drills sessions for players interested in expanding their on ice skills.
WE LISTEN . . . .
We at HNE take time to listen to each one of our player’s needs, that is why there is always a league representative at all games.  Not only do we run the league, we play in it too. HNE not only provides a place where you can connect with others on the ice, but also share that experience and build a lasting friendship off the ice. You speak and we listen (contact us).
We achieve that objective by offering numerous social gatherings for players to attend throughout the year including: Season ending pizza and BBQ gatherings, comedy nights at local clubs, family Christmas skates, Bruins alumni games and much more.
We at HNE have not only put together an ice hockey league, anybody can do that!  We have created a community of hockey players who care about the sport.  Come be a part of the fastest growing hockey community in the New England area and sign up today!
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Here's some more reasons why HNE is for you: 

Upfront scheduling
We post the entire season immediately after registration is complete. We know you are busy, so we want to make it easy for you to plan for games.
Game Locations and Times
This isn't the NHL. Same rinks, same times, same days every week.
Stop time play
Most leagues play with running time because it’s easier for their admins. But we prefer games that don’t slip away with every whistle.
Ice slot length
60 min
This is your night, you came to play. Enjoy every minute of it.
Number of referees
Hockey is fast, refs aren’t perfect. A second set of eyes always helps (except our D League which has one awesomely cool referee).
Online stats
You need info to brag about at the water cooler the next day. We track your career across teams and seasons. Results are typically posted within 24-48 hours.
Per Player (NOT TEAM) Pricing
Each player is responsible for paying their own fees (no team fees, captains don't have to chase player for money). This equates to smaller teams and more ice time (NO MORE THAN 13 PLAYERS PER TEAM)
Jersey included
Jerseys are included in the fee and are yours to keep.
Payment plan with no fee
Hockey is an expensive hobby. Breaking payments into parts helps. How about a payment plan with 5 easy payments.
Pucks provided
League Admins and captains brings league pucks for the team.
Unscouted fill-ins prevented
Parity matters. We have fixed rosters and attend games so you play against the team you’re supposed to – not their friend’s cousin’s roommate from the BC team.
Everyone gets a shot +  Championship series
Each and every league is adapted to ensure ALL teams have a chance at the CUP . . . . It is a long road to the finals.
Responsive and Attentive League Ownership
We’re not just league owners, we’re also players. Even if we don’t play in a league, we are always there. League representatives are at most, if not all, games and address concerns as they arise.
No Goon Policy
Unlike other leagues, we live up to our word. Ask around. Our reputation speaks for itself.
Social Events
Hockey doesn’t just end when the buzzer sounds. Your league fee goes towards multiple social events held throughout the year (draft parties, impromptu parties, season ending parties, Family Christmas Skates, Summer BBQs, etc…). This is what makes us a Hockey Community.
Championship Memorabilia
All Champs should show their accomplishments. Winning teams are awarded swag that varies between seasons (who wants a road hazard orange XXXL T-shirt every season).
Photo Ops
Our resident photographer randomly shows up at rinks to take snap shots of you in action to prove to your co-workers why you are so tired in the morning.
All this and we’re still cheaper than our competitors.
We communciate on a regular basis at the rink, via social media and a weekly email to keep you updated on events inside and outside of the league.
WE are at the rinks.
WE respond to concerns.
WE constantly seek feedback.
WE strive to improve your hockey experience.
OVERALL, it’s because WE TRULY CARE!
If you don’t believe us, just ask around and you’ll see for yourself.