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Substitute Policy (Players and Goalies)

Substitute Goalies

Goalie Requests
We make our BEST EFFORT to find a goalie when your team goalie can't show up. If you need a goalie, captains must contact no later than 4 days before a game to allow us time to find a replacement. Best efforts will be made, however, there is no guarantee that we can find a replacement.
If you need a goalie, please contact

​​​​​​​Substitute Skaters

· Substitute skaters can only play in the league division in which they are registered to play.
· A team that can not form a full line of rostered skaters (5 players) can request additional substitute skaters to play for the team.
· A team can request up to 2 additional skaters to play in a game.

· In efforts to maintain divisional team parity, an opposing team captain can veto one substitute skater.
· A team forfeit will be enforced if the team has fewer than 5 rostered players.
· A team forfeit will be enforced if captain veto is not honored.
· A team forfeit will be enforced if team exceeds the 2 substitute limit.