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League Rules

(Revised - April 2016)
Hockey New England (HNE) League Rules and Regulations
HNE is committed to providing a fun, social, and competitive adult hockey experience to our players. Checking and full-body contact is disallowed in all of our games at all levels. It is our #1 priority to ensure the safety of all of our players, referees, administrators and rink curators.  We follow USA Hockey Rules for ice hockey games, and provide referees with discretion to make adjustments as necessary, which will be communicated in advance to all players:
1.      Registration:
All players must register online, in advance, in order to play in our league. The online registration requires players to sign a liability waiver and acknowledge all league rules and regulations prior to playing in our league.
2.      Fees, Refunds, Cancellations:
Fees for play include ice time, referees, timekeepers, game shirts, t-shirts and other swag for championship teams. We are committed to ensuring that games occur each week with at least two goalies, referees, and a timekeeper.
Refunds will be given no later than the start of the first game of each season. No refunds will be given after the season has commenced for any reason, including but not limited to: injuries, suspensions, lack of attendance, etc. Should a game become canceled (e.g, inclement weather), we will exhaust all means to contact you via email, phone and thru our website. Make-up games will be coordinated with rink administrators.
3.      Rosters:
Rosters are set by the League Administrators in advance of each season. League Administrators reserve the right to move players to teams as they desire to ensure parity among competing teams in each division, however we will make all attempts to try and avoid this type of action.
Should teams desire to add players to their roster, they must notify league administrators in advance to player participation in any games. Any players who participate in league games without prior registration and notification to League Administrators will result in an automatic forfeit to the offending team.
The minimum requirement for teams to play each week is 5 players. In the event, a team is lacking the minimum required number of players, teams are allowed to substitute open spots with no more than two (2) players who are enrolled in the league during the current season. These replacement players are not to be accepted as permanent players on the roster and must be approved by on-site League Administrators in advance of game play to ensure continued parity among teams in each division.
Players must participate in at least eight (8) regular season games each season in order to be eligible to participate in league playoff games.
Should teams require replacement goalies, it is important that each team communicate with League Administrators in advance to avoid games without a goalie. We are committed to ensuring goalies are present at all games. Goalies from outside the league are allowed as long as League Administrators are notified in advance.
4.      Equipment:
All players are required to procure and wear fully functioning protective hockey equipment during any and all HNE league games and events that occur on the ice. Protective equipment includes but is not limited to: skates, shin pads, hockey pants, gloves, elbow pads, and a proper functioning helmet. All players must wear a face mask that attaches to their helmet.
5.      Officials:
Officials will follow USA Hockey rules. Officials have the final ruling over all on-ice activities and may make rule adjustments when they deem it necessary. However, any changes must be communicated with all players in advance.
Officials reserve the right to eject players who are unnecessarily delaying game play, taunting other players, or risking the safety of players on the ice.
6.      Penalties:
Players who commit minor penalties are subject to a penalty of 1:30 minutes for 60 minute games and 2:00 minutes for 75 minute games.
Players who commit a major penalty are subject to a penalty of 3:00 minutes, non-stop time.
Players who commit three or more penalties in a single game are subject to automatic ejection from the game. 
Fighting is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in ALL of our games. Any players who fight in a game, whether initiator or retaliator are automatically ejected from the current game and are subject to a minimum two (2) game suspension. Players who are involved in a second fight in the same season are automatically suspended for five (5) games and subject to a lifetime ban pending League review. Refunds will not be provided to players who fight in any games.
Players who are ejected from two or more games during a single season are automatically suspended for the remainder of the season. Refunds will not be provided to players who are suspended in these situations.
Players who intent to injure another player, officials, or rink curators will be ejected from the current game and prohibited from playing in any future league games or seasons.
7.      Game Format:
60 minute games consist of three (3) stop time periods at 12 minutes each period.
75 minute games consist of three (3) stop time periods at 15 minutes each period.
No overtime play will be allowed in the regular season.
In post-season play, if a game is tied after regulation play, a three (3) minute run time period will commence. If a game is still undecided, a shootout of 3 players from each side will determine the winner.
8.      Rink Rules
Players shall conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner while on rink property and represent the league in an upstanding manner. Players are prohibited from using illegal drugs and must abide by all rink rules and regulations. Players are prohibited from interfering and entering the ice surface while the ice is being prepared before and after games by rink curators.